Our mission

EVEREST ENERGY DMCC is an independent commodity trading house. We use our expertise and professional networks to distribute petroleum products and petrochemicals around the world, responsibly and efficiently.

We combine the crucial competencies of logistics, financing, risk management, compliance and marketing.

Our company delivers products our customers need on time and on specification by controlling the movement of goods at each step. We stay flexible, transparent and focused that allows us to build reliable, long-term relationships with our partners. 

Our mission is to always  be true entrepreneurs driven by innate need to learn, create and grow. 


Our values


EVEREST ENERGY DMCC compliance policy articulates our approach to legal responsibility. We aim to ensure that each of legal norms and laws are implemented consistently in each our contract and throughout our organization. Our company is proud to act as a responsible corporate citizen in all of its activities.


Our company understands that respect breeds trust, and trust is the foundation of great teamwork. That is why the diversity and respect to each other are the core elements of our business and we are proud to be a proponent of diversity in workforce and also support the diversity of ideas.


EVEREST ENEGRY DMCC is always ready to adapt to future trends and needs. Our company tends to seek out opportunities, to take calculated risks and to be open-minded. We think and act with customers in mind and ready to drive changes actively.


EVEREST ENERGY DMCC manages resources smartly and always speeds up good decision-making. Our company's aim is to be accountable for consistent execution and do things simply and effectively.



Oil refineries and petrochemical companies

EVEREST ENERGY DMCC collaborates with major oil refineries and petrochemical companies all over the world. Our long-term relationships and exclusive offtake agreements allow us to supply our customers with high quality refined products with unique physical and chemical characteristics.


We aim to maintain long-term commercial relationships with our customers. Whether it is a plant, an airport, a ship-owner or end consumer. We always tend to add value throughout the supply chain and to meet the specific needs of our consumers.

Ports and Terminals

EVEREST ENERGY DMCC builds strong business relationships with ports and terminals in order to enhance the logistical efficiency, to minimize expenses and to be competitive.

Forwarding companies

Forwarding companies are strategic partners of our company. We collaborate with trustworthy partners which have experience and credentials, services that match our needs, understandable fee and pricing structure.

Financial institutions

EVEREST ENERGY DMCC is a client of reliable and stable international financial institutions with developed fintech solutions. That collaborative engagement allows us to increase the speed of our business operations and minimize operational costs, to ensure the security of transactions, to use a wide range of banking services.